Thursday, 10 December 2015

Colour Consultation are key!

Hair colour is important, so very important as it can enhance your complexion, brighten your eye colour and compliment every feature. Paul Standen-May is a strong believer of this ethos and applies this theory to every single client he has. When Anna came into the salon her hair was a light blonde and long but was open to change. Paul worked his wonders to give her hair a soft change that enhanced her features and made her glow! Toning it down with a soft root definition and a more complimentary  tone.

'The power of a good colour analysis entitles your client to have their own bespoke colour which works perfectly to suit them and makes her feel empowered!'

Ever wondered what Paul Standen-May can do for your colour? Come see him for a consultation.. To book call 01603 761176 

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