Monday, 30 November 2015

Indigo Meets The Egg!

When two creative fields collide great fun and great things happen. We had the lovely girls from Indigo Tattoo and piercing in our Lowergoat Lane salon last week to get their hair transformed and sassed.  The Standen-May boys got to sit down with the girls and transform their hair to how they wanted! 

When Hollie came in her fringe was growing out and she wanted to get it shaped up, We didn't get to grab a before photo as Callum was overly excited to get his scissors on Hollies Fringe. Following on that it was time to loose some length to make her hair perfectly healthy! With her colour It was Pauls time to shine and accent Hollies black locks with a Mallen Streak! It was achieved using a very tight foiling technique to achieve maximum lightness on pre-coloured hair! 

Red wasn't dead for Becky but it needed to be played with as she was losing length today! Paul started with colour and the first point of call was richening up her reds! Choosing a deeper, warmer base colour for Becky's hair was a treat for Paul upping her old faded brunette to a more expensive mahogany was the highlight of this transformation. Following this he accented her future framing around her face with brighter vibrant ruby tones giving her look detail and edge. Callum then took over with a cut that was blunt and classic.. Leaving the detail in the colour he cut off the un-needed length and shaped Beckys hair around the face giving her a timeless chic haircut. 

Gema was the last one in after a long day of tattooing and being the business mogul that she is! Her hair was summer effected with her ombré of rainbow colours ready for a winter make-over! Gema isn't shy about coming and getting her hair done with Paul so they quickly settle on a back to a rich natural for winter! With new ventures in the future it was best to tone it down for a refreshingly rich, natural palette with lots of added shine. After her colour was finished, it was time for a sharpen up on her cut.. Callum took the reigns and chopped of all the ends that were ready to say goodbye completing this back to natural transformation. Classic, Classy and clean! 

We loved having the girls in salon as they're amazing characters with some of Norwich's hottest tattoos! To check them out head over to their Facebook page to see their work here!

Big transformations for the Indigo Piercing and Tattoo girls. Check these sassy girls out big blog posts coming on all the girls transformations next week.
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