Saturday, 21 May 2016

Soraya Janson is killing it!

With our British hairdressing awards photoshoot under wraps we have some time to make appreciation for one of our models from last years shoot. You may have seen her face online or in a shop window as she blew up last season in some amazing campaigns.

Soraya Janson was featured in our winning collection for Eastern hairdresser of the year awards  'The Valley Girls' as our short haired Grace Jones, pulling shapes and being incredibly poise whilst doing so! 

 After our collection was published we started seeing her face pop up in other collections and her androgynous striking beauty was still shining on. Spotting her in campaigns for the new Toni and Guy collection was the first place we saw her pop up whilst walking down the street in central London. Her brows were sharp (We love a dark brow and her hair was ashy and a moment of pride came over us as one of our girls was flourishing!

At The Egg we love staying cultured and a good read for us is often featured on Dazed Digital where we've spotted her face pop up a few times with designer Martajaku Bowski new collection featured here:

It seems shes breaking gender norms working on a collection that isn't limited by Gender or Sex which works perfectly with clean and androgynous image.

We love catching some of our models in Press as it keeps us inspired!
Could you rock a short crop like Soraya!?

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

New Year, New You!

What a year 2015 has been for The Egg. The team is stronger than ever and the only way is up! We have been showcasing some jaw-dropping makeovers, Great Lengths transformations enough to make even Rapunzel herself jealous, edgy collections to inspire and best of all our very own Callum Standen-May did the team proud by taking home the award for Eastern Hairdresser of the Year!

We’d like to help you with your “New Year, New Me” quest by introducing the upcoming trends for Spring/Summer 2016. Starting off with the ladies, make your entrance into the new year a smooth one by sleeking back and straightening out those locks! Or if you’re feeling a little risqué then say goodbye to a few more inches and embrace the bold moves of a bob, or push it even further and opt for a face-framing pixie crop.

Whether you’re still striving for that Elsa-esque Frozen blonde, or you have a taste for caramel tones or perhaps you’re feeling the pull of the Dark Side, you can trust our skilled technicians to help you find the perfect colour choice. 

We offer free colour consultations in salon, so if you’re looking for a change but are feeling unsure then book an appointment with one of our technicians and they will sit down with you and discuss your options. As stated previously in one of our blogs, consultation is key when it comes to finding the perfect colour and we assess all aspects from your skin tone to your lifestyle to find that perfect colour for you.

For the guys this year, it looks as though the battle of the beards is almost coming to a halt. However, those rugged displays of manhood are merely being tamed into a more sophisticated stubble. Even so, we are seeing a rise in the more relaxed approach to the gentleman in 2016. More and more men are embracing their curls and opting for a more natural cut. There are several ways to work your wave into your lifestyle and here at The Egg we are still loving the tightly tapered cuts and don’t forget, your hair looks sexy pushed back! 

To book an appointment with our stylists and technicians, call one of our salons on

01603 761176 for our Lower Goat Lane salon
01603 616396 for our Magdalen Street salon.

Don't forget to check our out Instagram @theeggsalons for more inspiration.

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Colour Consultation are key!

Hair colour is important, so very important as it can enhance your complexion, brighten your eye colour and compliment every feature. Paul Standen-May is a strong believer of this ethos and applies this theory to every single client he has. When Anna came into the salon her hair was a light blonde and long but was open to change. Paul worked his wonders to give her hair a soft change that enhanced her features and made her glow! Toning it down with a soft root definition and a more complimentary  tone.

'The power of a good colour analysis entitles your client to have their own bespoke colour which works perfectly to suit them and makes her feel empowered!'

Ever wondered what Paul Standen-May can do for your colour? Come see him for a consultation.. To book call 01603 761176 

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Colours for Angels!

So today is the day where the heavens open and the angels come down.. That's Victoria'sSecret angels  that is and they're definitely from heaven! Tonight on 4Music is the first peak of the 2015 show and we've been excited all day! Coincidentally we've been seeing a lot of that sassy-er than life blow-dry in salon as our clients get a beautiful wave pattern! 

Eva on the left came into the salon last night to get her beautiful long locks Balayaged by Fran. When she came in her bronde had grown low and she needed a brighten up. Balayage is the perfect way to soft lighten darker hair to give a more sun kissed natural effect and we think it looks amazing!

On the right is Hannah, she came into with a bit of rooted and also needed lighten up to that beautiful nordic blonde you see above. Libby gave her a big transformation taking most of the day NS when you see that beautiful bright blonde result you know it's been a good day! The beautiful cut and style was created by Senior Stylist Andrea who works wonders on all styles including this beautiful soft tousled wave!

It's party season right now so If you fancy getting your colour freshened up by either Fran or Libby or a cut with Andrea give us a call on 01603 761176! 

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

All about extensions!

Everyone meet Fran! She is one of our extension specialists in salon.. Earlier on this year she got asked to do a feature on extensions for Pro-Hair Magazine all about the possibilities of getting that longer length! It was earlier in March so we thought we would share her question and answer session for you to enjoy.

What types of extensions are available for clients to try in salon and which are available for home / non-professional use?
We are currently exploring all brands and types of extensions to really offer the best service and advice for our clients. As a great length certified salon we use them most in our salon and love them!   

- What sort of technology is available today? Which problems are catered for (thin hair can become thicker etc) and how many different shades are available?
The hair extension game is so vast and endless nowadays from bonds to tape-ins, to microlinks to a weave! The benefits really are versatile and you can always find something that will help you with what you're looking for. In salon we cater to a lot of people who want length and fullness. Bonds and tapes are a great way to strengthen up the front of your hair or any weak areas like the base line of your hair, we are seeing an increasing demand for these and we are ready to supply!  

- Which have proven to be the most popular with clients? 
U-tip hair extensions are by far the most demanded in salon as a some of our stylists and technicians have them in their own hair. The versatility of bond extensions are incredible because you can have a full head or apply them where you want length or fullness like the sides. 

- What are the main reasons for clients to want to try hair extensions?
Curiosity is a big factor to why our clients delve into the world of extensions. People have hair dreams and goals and with hair extensions those goals become reality. It's no secret that woman love to play with their hair and try different things or they are unhappy with their hair and want a change. As hairdressers are goal is make someone look and feel amazing and extension can do just that!  

- What are the main problems of using extensions that clients discuss with you? 
The main issue clients have with their hair extensions are the thought of them not looking natural. A big part of getting hair extensions is having them cut in afterwards, this ensures that the hair is blended with your natural hair and  matches the texture and finish you desire.

- Do you recommend different types of extensions for different clients? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each type?
We only really offer Bond extensions to our clients as we are experienced in them enough to deliver a perfect service and result. we are exploring other extension techniques to provide a wider range. We recently looked at tape extensionsfrom Kapello hair and they seem very good for a cheaper alternative to Bond extensions so they may be gracing our salon soon!

- Can you colour each type?
it's very important that the extensions your get are 100% human hair, we would never offer a synthetic hair extensionas the quality is just lacking. The best thing about human hair is that it that these are completely colourable.  A consideration has to taken into account for the colour of the bond/tape, they will not colour so slight colour changes are best recommended. You should always contact your provider as some brands do not recommend to change the colour of their extensions and some will offer guidance on assisting you to achieve what you are trying to do. 

- What is the cost of maintenance?
A good set of extensions will grow out in time and not need to much maintenance, a good brush to stop them from tangling, a good oil to keep them silky and some love and attention will mostly do it. The best way to treat your extensions is look after them like you would your hair. Be more cautious near the root of your own hair as catching them is not healthy for your natural hair.   

- Approximately how many clients choose to keep their extensions for as long as the hair is healthy? (this question is a bit warped haha)
There's a running joke with one of our clients that once you experience hair extensions it is so hard to not get them again! They are a game changer for people with thin hair or broken hair because you can add thickness and length! We have a very high percentage of clients who will always have extensions

-How often does hair need to be maintained? How do you encourage clients to keep up with this?
A great set of hair extensions can last anywhere to 2-4 months before they really have grown out. It's completely dependant on how fast your clients hair grows which will be the defining factor. Most client will come back if their hair has shed or their extensions have grown out too far. Most brands have rebounding techniques so you can reapply a fresh bond to the hair or replace a tape which really proves that quality hair can be re-used. (nothing beats a fresh set of new hair though, it feels amazing)

- What training is available for applying extensions
The best way to go about training your technicians the way of the weave is to contact the brand you're looking to use. They will most likely offer a training service and make the trainee certified to use their product. 
- How do you recommend selling extensions to clients?
A consultation is not just before your clients get their hair shampoo'd! Many stylists forget that when someone comes to see you, they want to talk about their hair, if they're growing their hair long or suffer from having thin hair, throughout their service you have the opportunity to educate your clients on the benefits of them. This is the best way to recommend extensions because the cost and lifestyle of having hair extensions may not be for them. 

Fran has some extensions booked in in the next few days just in time for Christmas so keep your eyes peeled for them in the next few days on Instagram and on this very blog! If you're looking to have some hair extensions yourself come see us in salon for a consultation.. To book this give us a call on 01603 761176

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Kirsty's on the men.

The boys were back in town with Kirsty Jones in our Lowergoat Lane salon and she was loving it.. (We can definitely tell why too!) Her clients Ed, Ollie and Connor were in to be sharpened up and faded down. Kirsty has been focusing on mens hair, as her passion grows she is exploring more into the field of Barbering! With 10 years of experience she is definitely not shy of doing mens hair but as part of the ethos of The Egg you can never stop learning and expanding your skill set!

We don't particularly post mens posts but we style/cut a lot of mens hair and we are definitely thinking about doing it more! To come see us in salon and get your hair done give us a call on 01603 761176!

Monday, 30 November 2015

Indigo Meets The Egg!

When two creative fields collide great fun and great things happen. We had the lovely girls from Indigo Tattoo and piercing in our Lowergoat Lane salon last week to get their hair transformed and sassed.  The Standen-May boys got to sit down with the girls and transform their hair to how they wanted! 

When Hollie came in her fringe was growing out and she wanted to get it shaped up, We didn't get to grab a before photo as Callum was overly excited to get his scissors on Hollies Fringe. Following on that it was time to loose some length to make her hair perfectly healthy! With her colour It was Pauls time to shine and accent Hollies black locks with a Mallen Streak! It was achieved using a very tight foiling technique to achieve maximum lightness on pre-coloured hair! 

Red wasn't dead for Becky but it needed to be played with as she was losing length today! Paul started with colour and the first point of call was richening up her reds! Choosing a deeper, warmer base colour for Becky's hair was a treat for Paul upping her old faded brunette to a more expensive mahogany was the highlight of this transformation. Following this he accented her future framing around her face with brighter vibrant ruby tones giving her look detail and edge. Callum then took over with a cut that was blunt and classic.. Leaving the detail in the colour he cut off the un-needed length and shaped Beckys hair around the face giving her a timeless chic haircut. 

Gema was the last one in after a long day of tattooing and being the business mogul that she is! Her hair was summer effected with her ombré of rainbow colours ready for a winter make-over! Gema isn't shy about coming and getting her hair done with Paul so they quickly settle on a back to a rich natural for winter! With new ventures in the future it was best to tone it down for a refreshingly rich, natural palette with lots of added shine. After her colour was finished, it was time for a sharpen up on her cut.. Callum took the reigns and chopped of all the ends that were ready to say goodbye completing this back to natural transformation. Classic, Classy and clean! 

We loved having the girls in salon as they're amazing characters with some of Norwich's hottest tattoos! To check them out head over to their Facebook page to see their work here!

Big transformations for the Indigo Piercing and Tattoo girls. Check these sassy girls out big blog posts coming on all the girls transformations next week.
Posted by The Egg Salons on Friday, 20 November 2015